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Your Software Will Run in Exceptional Situations. Deal With It!

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Others will not use your software as you imagined.

If you don’t handle it generously, your software will seem unstable to your users. Eventually, they will stop using it. If you are prepared for problems and support your users, they will love your software and recommend it to others.

So, always assume that something will go wrong:

1. Don’t let your application crash. #

This is the only way to stay in control.

Take care of other people’s issues and catch their exceptions. Run your errors only to a point where you can handle them. Be specific about your errors.

2. Think about what you can offer despite incorrect information. #

This is how you can wow your users.

Talk to your business and domain experts. Ask your users what they are currently doing in certain situations. And offer to take a step back.

3. Log for the future. #

Then you can continue to improve your software.

Record the processes that lead to difficulties. Also record the context (When? Where?). Evaluate the logs and start again from 1.

With each of these steps, you’ll learn new perspectives and find new ways to support your users.