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You Can Recognize a Good Team by the Way It Handles Mistakes.

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Bad teams blame the person who made the mistake or others.

Great teams accept the mistake and deal with it. They don’t care who made the mistake. Their only concern is to get the mistake out of the way. Thereafter, they want to learn from it to be better positioned for the future.

Great teams are a great asset.

Fortunately, I have already had the opportunity to work in such teams.

I look back on that with gratitude. In fact, I’m so glad I was able to have that experience. Whenever I am working in a bad team again, it is these experiences that pull me out. They remind me that things can be done differently. Then I try to make the team a little bit better by going this other way with them.

You can do that too!

Just stop the blame game. Solve the problem with a few teammates and invite to a retrospective afterwards.