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3 Reasons Why You Should Talk About the Weaknesses of Your Software Architecture.

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Sure, it feels good to talk about the strengths.

Yet, where there is light, there is also shadow. There cannot be only positive sides to your software architecture. These weaknesses are the result of your trade-offs. For example, because of the requirements, you chose performance over maintainability, and logically, your software is now harder to change.

Try not to hide this dark side of your architecture.

Here are 3 reasons why you should make it an issue.

1. You build trust. #

Would you trust someone who promises you the moon? By addressing the difficulties, you win it. You show that you are aware of them and have thought about them.

2. You get feedback. #

Other stakeholders can now see which disadvantages are being taken for which advantages. This transparency of your trade-offs allows them to make up their minds. Typically, you get feedback on whether they share your view or not.

3. You get constructive ideas. #

None of us has a subscription to the best ideas. By being transparent about your weaknesses, your colleagues know where it’s worth finding ideas. So, you’ll get new ideas on real challenges, rather than ideas on sufficiently solved tasks.

So turn the weaknesses of your architecture into your strength!