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As a Software Developer, You Need to Understand the Task Before You Develop the Solution.

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There are no problems, only solutions.

Again and again I have heard this sentence from managers. Often also from those who formerly worked in development. I can’t hear it anymore.

This sentence is bullshit.

Without understanding the problem, no understanding for solutions. #

If you don’t understand the background, how are you supposed to build a solution? No, it’s not about drowning in problem analysis and drifting off for months. It’s about understanding the task at hand. Only then can you start the creative process of finding a solution and feed it with the right information.

Without this basis, no progress will be made.

If you don’t see that, you have a problem of your own. #

You create a culture where only quick fixes are possible. But these are just cosmetics and only obscure the real task. In doing so, you frustrate your team, and systematically burn them out. They can’t even get out of firefighting mode. In other words, you are killing technical debt with technical debt.

You’re stifling everyone’s motivation instead of harnessing it.

And you deny yourself the chance to learn and grow.