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Use the Ancient Creative Process for Your Software Architecture.

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Software architecture is creative work.

When we look at innovation, we often only see the result. We forget the often arduous journey of the innovator: the experiments, failures, and struggles. Over the centuries, this result has constantly changed.

But the creative process has always remained the same.

Tiago Forte has summed it up beautifully in his book “Building a Second Brain”:

1. Divergence leads you to a portfolio of alternatives. #

Every creative work starts with looking for possibilities. You try to build up as many options as possible. To achieve this, you let your brain wander. You take different paths, investigate inspirations, and discuss with others.

But to create something, you then have to change modes.

2. Convergence guides you to the goal. #

You can’t implement every alternative. Even if it’s hard for you, you have to weigh and decide. To succeed, you must give up many options and focus on a few.

This is the hardest part – also in software architecture.

However, only through the combination of divergence and convergence does a solution emerge.