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Do You Have a Plan B? 3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Thinking About It for Your Software Development.

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On Wednesday, I was caught by surprise.

My internet connection stopped working. In 30 minutes, my live online training was supposed to start. But without the Internet, I wouldn’t be able to meet my participants.

My pulse was going up.

Fortunately, I had a plan B.

I could switch to our office. It’s just a few minutes away and is prepared for such cases. Thus: I quickly packed my things and off I went. So I was able to deliver the training day as planned.

However, that was only possible because I had already considered the potential failure of plan A.

You should do the same for your software development, then you have a few advantages on your side:

1. You know the weaknesses. #

You know where difficulties in your plan A might lie. And you also know what might need more attention in your plan B. You can identify these weaknesses and work around them.

2. You are more attentive. #

Since you have already dealt with the possibilities and situations, you see them with different eyes. You perceive events more clearly. So you understand more quickly when adjustment is necessary.

3. You can adapt more quickly. #

With different plans and the knowledge about it in the pocket, the events do not hit you unprepared. You can act immediately. Even if you can’t implement your plan B, you’ll often come up with a plan C.

So take the chance and think about your plan B.